Snow Plowing & Salting in Ada, Cascade, Grand Rapids Township, & Lowell, MI

Keep your concrete surfaces free and clear of snow during winter with our snow plowing and salting services.

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Snow plowing and salting services in Kent County, including Ada, Cascade, and Grand Rapids Township.

Our snow plowing team deploys to your property when snow accumulates to one and a half inches.

While the United States average snowfall per year is 28 inches, here in the Grand Rapids, MI area, we get an average of 64 inches of snow annually. That means on average, you need to clear 64 inches of snow from your property each year—and in recent years, we've seen upwards of 100 inches annually! Weather is unpredictable and snow can fall quickly. Instead of taking this task on yourself, consider hiring a professional snow plowing company to do it for you.

Our team services properties throughout the Grand Rapids area, including Ada, Cascade, Cascade, and Lowell. We plow snow and provide salt treatments for hundreds of local residents, along with many of the area's Homeowners Associations (HOAs) and businesses/commercial properties.

Why Your Property Needs Professional Snow Plowing Services

One of our plows clearing a residential property.

Snow plowing can be a daunting task, especially when you already work full-time and have other obligations. Using an experienced snow removal company frees up your time, giving you more time to spend with family and loved ones. It can take hours to shovel your driveway, and when it snows as often as it does in our area, that's a lot of time away from your kids or other family members.

You can also depend on that crew to be consistent and come out when it snows so that you can get in and out of your property when you need to leave. A professional crew such as Woods Landscape Maintenance can use specialized equipment and get the job done quickly.

Our Snow Plowing & Salting Services for Commercial Properties & HOAs

Our snow plowing and salting services for commercial properties include clearing out your parking lots, piling the snow out of the way so customers and employees can still safely access your business. If so desired, we can haul the snow away completely. Our team also provides salting services for your parking lots.

If your HOA needs snow plowing services, we can clear off common area parking lots, neighborhood entrances, roads, and more. Our new, state-of-the-art equipment is constantly maintained so that we are reliable and you know you can count on our team. Our goal is to protect our customers and keep them and their properties safe from icy hazards.

Residential Property Snow Plowing & Salting Keeps Your Driveway Clear

Our fleet of trucks with snow plows ready to clear driveways and parking lots across the Ada area.

For residential properties, our snow plowing fleet also deploys once snowfall reaches one and a half inches. We clear off your driveway with the proper equipment, taking care not to scrape or scratch the underlying surface.

We will also apply salting treatments to your driveway so that you can safely navigate your driveway.

Need snow plowing and salting services for your Grand Rapids, MI home or business?

At Woods Landscape Maintenance, we have 40 years of experience working in and around the Grand Rapids, MI area. Our snow plowing and salting services are for homes and businesses in Kent County. including cities such as Ada, Cascade, Cascade, and Lowell. We are a family-first company that's value-driven and values our customers as well as our team members!

If you're in need of snow plowing for your property, give us a call today at (616) 868-6749 or fill out our online contact form to quickly reach one of our team members! Our snow removal schedule fills up quickly, so don't delay.

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